Ultrak 485 60 Lap Memory Timer (Set of 3)

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Three-Line Display Memory Timer. 8 dual split recallable memory with continuous display of event time in a three-line display, measures to 10 hours with 1/100 second resolution. Features lap counter, countdown timer and presentable pacer along with date, time and alarm. Water resistant, five-year lithium battery and five-year warranty. Set of 3 stopwatches.

Measures to 10 hours; presentable countdown timer and pacer

Continuous display of even time; memory recall during operation

5 year warranty

Set of 3 stopwatches; lithium battery; water resistant; includes lanyard

Lap and cum splits; 60 dual split recallable memory; large 3-row display

Product Information

Item Model / Model No.:485-3

Shipping Weight:12.8 ounces