Curling Stopwatch

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This popular stopwatch features extra large numbers, heavy duty battery and split timesAn important aid in developing weight control is using a stopwatch to time shots. A common method of timing rocks is to start the stopwatch at the moment the rock crosses the near hogline and let it run until the rock comes to rest at the far tee-line. The longer it takes for the rock to reach its destination, the faster the ice is and less weight is needed. On the other hand, the less time it takes for the shot to get there, the heavier the ice, and the rock will have to be thrown harder. Timing shots gives all team members a shared idea of draw weight.An even better method for timing shots called "interval timing" gives feedback for a shot in progress. It measures the time between the rock passing over the near back line (some curlers use the near tee-line) and the near hogline. The shorter the time interval, the faster the rock is traveling, and sweeping may not be required. Conversely, the longer the time interval, the slower the rock is traveling, and sweeping may be required.Timing take-outs during practice, typically from hogline to hogline, can also be beneficial. Team members able to throw similar take-out weights make it easier for their skip to read the ice.

Extra large numbers

Split times

Heavy duty battery