ACCUSPLIT A740MXT Professional Stopwatch, 50 Memory

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Product Description

Accusplit MSSTP740 AX740 Stopwatch (EA)

The Accusplit Professional A740MXT Stopwatch is a premier timing piece for elite level sports including track and field, swimming, baseball, and football. Designed on the Accusplit Operating System (AOS), which is exclusive technology developed by Accusplit over the last 33 years, this stopwatch gives coaches, athletes, and timers the most precise timing available. The AOS includes one-button rapid split and reset, a no-fail operating system, and has a 50-event memory. The A740MXT is made with million-cycle (tested to without failure) switch buttons, ergonomically designed cases, and large digits for easy viewing on the field, track, or by the pool. The A740MXT stopwatch tracks the lap and total speed rate, computes your average split time, and features dual-split (cumulative and lap) timing. The split time is the interval of time measured from the start of the timing to the next pause of time. The lap-split timing displays the clasped time of a given split, while the cumulative (CUM) split time is the capture of elapsed time to current event and consists of all splits beginning to end. The A740MXT also features the one-button start-split-split system where the first split is first place, the second split is second place, and it shows a one-two fast finish. Additional features include a split counter, one-button rapid split and reset, and event timing. This stopwatch comes in black, has a 1.5-year battery life with a low-battery indicator, has a dual-line, multi-function display to keep track of everything easily and is water resistant up to 30-meters.

1.5-year battery life with low-battery indicator, and water resistant up to 30 meters

Five-year, no-proof-of-purchase warranty

Uses the exclusive ACCUSPLIT Operating System (AOS)

30-hour timing range stopwatch with dual-split (cumulative and lap) timing

Includes 30-event memory, 1-2 fast finish, split counter, average-split compute, and lap and total speed rate

Product Information

Shipping Weight:4 ounces

Item Model / Model No.:A740MXT